Hiroki Ishiguro

I am a Japanese pianist & composer.
Also use synthesizers and computers and am based in Tokyo.

During the beginning of this career, I performed with various bands, produced a number of music videos and wrote instrumental music for events.

My first solo album, "Daydream" was released in 1992.

The following year, 1993, my second album, "Koh Maiton" was released, which composed during my stay in Phuket, Thailand.
Taking that stay opportunity, I composed a lot of music about the Ocean.

Then, album, "Three days memory" (1997) and album, "Green Flash" (2001) was released on a major Japanese label.
These two albums were also released in South Korea.

Since then, I had continued to compose music that focuses on nature, daily life, and various encounters during my travels, not just the ocean.
Album, "Utsuroi" (2008) and album,"Canvas" (2013) was released on a major Japanese label.

Currently, I continue to release new digital singles while live performances.

I also participated in the compilation album "Heisei No Oto" by the European label "Music From Memory".
It was released worldwide at the end of February 2021.

Seven albums and seven singles was released to date, which are being used on various scenes on television, radio and the Internet.

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