Hiroki Ishiguro

Japanese pianist & composer.
Based in Tokyo.

Hiroki Ishiguro is a pianist who creates music which is based on themes inspired by Ocean & Nature world.

During the beginning of this career, Hiroki performed with various bands, produced a number of music videos and wrote instrumental song for special events.

His first solo album, "Daydream" is released.
After having moved to Phuket, the world famous resort city in Thailand.
Hiroki started producing music as well as performing as a professional pianist in the local hotel scene.

"Koh Maiton", his second album is released while staying in Japan for a short time.
From this moment on, his music is focussing more and more on the theme of sea and ocean.

Consequently, after returning to Japan, he released three more albums in Japan.
A littel later, two of them were also released in South Korea.

Currently, he produces music and performs live performances on the theme of nature, animals and everyday events as well as the ocean, and has released many albums and singles.

These musics are used on various scenes of media, such as television, radio, and streaming services.

    Copyright © 2004 Hiroki Ishiguro